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The Lida Memorial Society
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About the Lida Memorial Society

About the Lida Holocaust Memorial Foundation

Picture of the Bielski Brigade partisan group who saved the Jews from Lida surrounding regions

Our history starts many years ago. The Jews from Lida and the surrounding regions lived there in peace for centuries. They established a thriving community but during world war two all was taken away.

On May 8th 1942 there was a mass slaughter of the innocent residents of Lida at the hands of the Nazi party. A horrific total of 5,670 lives were taken - unarmed men, women, and children. This tragic day was followed by an unspeakable amount of executions and further horrors until the final liquidation of the Lida ghetto took place in September of 1943. Countless lives were lost, buildings destroyed, and families torn apart. Thanks to many heroes such as Tuvia Bielski some managed to flee to the woods and survive until the end of the war.

We shall always honor and remember those who perished in our hearts and minds. This is an important time- it is over 60 years since the end of World War Two and the liberation of the first concentration camps that the American and Russian soldiers came upon. At this milestone there are fewer and fewer people who really remember what happened during those dark years.

Every year we gather as one family to remember those lost to us. Whether by blood or common history, we all have a shared history and bond to Lida and to each other in this organization. We will never ever forget those who have been lost, and we will continue to celebrate those who survived and rebuilt their shattered lives. We light a candle in memoriam to all of those who were lost, share stories, pictures, and proclaim proudly that “We are from Lida and we are still here”. We intend to keep the Lida spirit alive in the future generations.

Led by the third generation of survivors from Lida - the foundation aims to both cherish the memories of all those who have been lost in Lida and neighboring communities as well as commemorate all those who survived. The Lida Holocaust Memorial Foundation is now officially a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization in the United States.

Our fundraising efforts support a vast a number of causes including gravesite maintenance, Holocaust awareness/education events, memorial services and much more.

We Remember The Over 6000000 Victims
If you have any stories, pictures , or would like more information about us please contact us.

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