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The Lida Memorial Society
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Our Stories of Defiance and Survival

Lida Stories

Below are stories of persecution, unimaginable hatred, and mass extermination - but also they are stories of survival, courage, and hope- all of which should never be forgotten. Many innocent men, women and children were killed but thanks to brave Jews such as the Bielski Brothers, who helped guide the survivors from Lida and surrounding towns for years in the woods, many managed to survive and our presence today will forever be a testament to their defiance.

We are now in our sixth year collecting and sharing stories contributed by members and friends of the United Lieder Relief Society. This collection of stories is an on-going project to honor and remember the people who called Lida and the surrounding areas "home". It is also a way to honor and preserve the memory and stories of all holocaust victims and survivors for the generations that followed.

There are many stories below- including a very happy surprise for one family who discovered after many years of searching some information about her long lost family members.

We hope this will continue to be a way for you to open the door, and step forward, to communicate with your children, family and others - to leave a footprint of an important time in your lives. Please share with us your family's stories. We ask that you set them down on paper and mail them to us at:

United Lieder Relief Society
1001 East 21st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210
You may also submit them via Email for inclusion on our website as well in as our records.

Stories from the survivors and the families of those who survived

Articles and speeches related to the book and the movie Defiance

  •   Speech at Congregation by Dr. David Herschtal, Nephew of the Bielski Brothers

  •   Article in the Jewish Telegraph May 2, 2008 by Robert Clayton

  •   Heroes Among Us by Peter Duffy

  •   Article in the Jewish Telegraph May 2, 2008 by Robert Clayton

  •   Article in the Jewish Telegraph May 2, 2008 by Robert Clayton

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    ""No one yet knows what awaits the Jews in the twenty-first century, but we must make every effort to ensure that it is better than what befell them in the twentieth, the century of the Holocaust." - Benjamin Netanyahu

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